Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cilla: Just for Fun

Wow! It's been two months to the day since I last updated. Since then I managed to bribe my good friend Cilla into letting me take pictures of her. She's always a willing subject and up for pretty much anything(as long as it will make her look cool :D). So we headed out one late afternoon and traisped around lumber yards, random fields,and store fronts in search of shooting locations. Here are some of the photos from that day:

Thanks again, Cilla, for always being a willing subject.


  1. Beauty snared in pixelation

    lovely :)

    thanks for an update!!! :D

  2. Nice! I love her eyes! (not that the kudos for that go to you) ;-D

  3. First, Ninth, and Last are my personal favorites.
    nice work triplet.