Sunday, November 29, 2009

Five Fun Friends

A couple of weeks ago I went off to a photo shoot with five girls. We set off into the late afternoon for a marathon session filled with laughter and good times!

This is about as serious as I could get them to be; they love them some laughter!

Okay so when you guys form your girl band this should be your cover k?

There is a funny story involving my near death behind this photo and Jami's open mouthed laughter.


Not only are these girls alot of fun but they are super good looking too!

This is typical Jami: laughing




Good looks run in the family with these sisters

The End
...haha no pun intended...ok I did intend it but....ha...yep that one was intended too

Thanks again ladies for such a fun afternoon!


  1. Great job Erica! I've been wanting to do something like this w/a group of my friends, and I so wish you were around to do it! Let me know if you ever in or near Cincy during the school year...

  2. these are so cute ericas! You did it again.