Monday, February 15, 2010

James + Krista= Kindle

This session was so much fun( for me at least). James and Krista will be married three years next month, so they wanted some pictures taken to commemorate the milestone as well as take advantage of the Kindle offer. When Krista asked me what I thought about taking a a vintagey approach I said "yippee yesiree!" And we headed off into the late afternoon to make it happen. Here are some of my favorites:
I don't normally do edits like this but some of these pictures just begged for it:
Are you kidding me with those eyes, Krista? Beautiful!
Notice her gloves: her mother has a beautiful assortment of these classic beautiful gloves.
while super fun, the hat did NOT want to stay in place!
what I call "the Titanic" pose
ummm swooon...
I found out later that she was not laughing at my "hilarious" jokes
Once again Krista: "are you kidding me?"

The next two were Krista's only requests-one of her fun fishnets:
and one where she was grabbing his lapels:
Thanks again Krista and James. You guys are timeless! :D