Thursday, March 25, 2010

First Comes Love: An Engagement Shoot with Nathan+Alicia

What a fun shoot this was! It took place in a new location with such a fun-loving couple. Nathan and Alicia were pretty much up for anything so I took that and ran with it.We went down to beautiful Palm Beach late one afternoon and laughed and snapped until the sun slipped away. Here are some of my favorites from the day:
Lot's of laughing shots from this session...which makes me happy, 'cause I love to laugh too!
Here's my cheesy caption for this photo: "You've Got Mail"
(I know I am soooo original and clever...ha!)
Dear Nathan: I love how you love her.
Dear Alicia: I love how you love him.
Coincidentally, this just might be my favorite. It's a picture of contentment in love....sigh...
I love how neither one of them are from Florida, yet Florida like the persistent bugger she is insisted upon getting in this shot...
I'm in love with these doors. Dear random place in WPB: keep an eye on your doors; they may turn up missing...just sayin'...
Oh how you two make me swoon there in the sunlight....
I love the look on Nathan's face here. So impish!
And what would a photo shoot with me be without a foot shot?
Thanks again Alicia and Nathan. You guys are schmokin' and adorable and just plain fun. Congrats on your upcoming wedding!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Janelle: Senior Session

Janelle was my first high school 2010 senior. We split this session up into two parts due to the crazy schedule that accompanies being a senior. Janelle is super smart and on the proverbial ball as well as being beautiful, which made my job so much easier. Warning this post is kinda long, but I'm really bad at narrowing down. Plus, it's my blog so I what I wanna. K? k. Here are some of my faves:

Who says brown eyes are boring? Janelle's are large and beautiful and expressive and soulful...ok ya get the point...
Work it out, work it out, Janelle:
Ok I'm thinkin' about making the shoe/foot shot a common feature. I can't help it: everyone wears these amazing shoes and I just fall in love everytime...
Part two of our session took us to the beach:
and to the "country":
Umm Taylor Swift: there's a new girl in town. ya betta watch out:
We finally did it Janelle! Thanks again for these fun afternoons! Congrats on your upcoming graduation and let me be the first to say: you're going places chica!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cilla: Senior Session

Cilla was the last senior of my senior marathon weekend. Long time viewers of this blog may recognize her from previous entries. Well this time around the she was a senior in need of a few portraits. We went out into the late afternoon with the sole purpose of capturing a photo that was yearbook worthy. Here are a few of those:
Thanks again, Cilla, for a fun afternoon and congratulations on your upcoming graduation. Love ya!