Thursday, March 11, 2010

Jenny: Senior Session

A few weeks ago, I turned on my phone to find several unread text messages. As I started to read through them I noticed one common theme. "I need senior pictures ASAP!!" Apparantly the college seniors were told last minute that they needed a picture for the year book. This resulted in me having a senior marathon weekend.
Jenny kicked off the marathon with a mini session. We ran over to a nearby church that is pretty popular for picture taking, and snapped a few shots.
Jenny has those kind of eyes that'll make you stop and take another look. Beautiful, simply beautiful.
It was a rather windy afternoon, but I absolutely loved the light that was coming in under this archway. Jenny totally works the windblown look though eh?
This was a total candid moment, but I just loved the smile on her face:
This could possibly be my fave...
Notice her shoes: She walked around with all the grace of a ballerina in them. I would have face planted a couple of times for sure. Work it out, Jenny, work it out.
Thank you, Jenny, for a fun mini session, and for being so easy to please, and for being so beautiful :D (or maybe I should thank your mama for that one). Muchos Lovos!