Saturday, April 24, 2010


Whew! I think that wins my longest blog title to date. This fun family shoot took place a couple weeks ago when this family was in town from Ohio. Like I've mentioned before family shoots are some of my fave because of the chemistry that they have. This family was no exception. I would also like to nickname this family the "Family of Ridiculously Beautiful Eyes". Check them out:
Oh I might add that there is another daughter who is missing from the above family photo. She decided not to make the trek down to good ole FL with the fam....her loss...anyway, moving on to....
Dakota: the only boy in this family
See what I mean by beautiful eyes? Apparantly he's already melted the heart of his college aged girlfriend with them.

Letha: the baby girl whose hazel eyes are equally stunning

Jocelyn: seriously workin' it with those piercing blue eyes
the three youngest of the family

Tiffany: the oldest of the family and the mastermind behind this photo shoot. She even dabbles in photography herself. She also holds her own when it comes to being a beautiful eyed family member.
oh one more of this lil guy. Once he got used to the idea he loved having his picture taken and I, of course loved taking it
Now for Mom and Dad:
she just kept laughing and laughing which I loved, 'cause laughing is a top favorite hobby of mine

a kiss that would elicit an "eww gross" from any red-blooded child =)

kisses all around!
Oh and finally: I love having silly face contests during my photo shoots. So funny, even if I never win. Here is Dakota's winning face:
Thanks again Allen, Kay, Tiffany, Jocelyn, Letha, and Dakota. Have fun making the world swoon over your eyes!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

briana| senior session

Briana was(I think) my last 2010 senior. It was kinda bitter-sweet, 'cause seniors are among my favorite types of shoots. Towards the end of the shoot, her sister(who came along). Started to go on about how photogenic Briana is. When I got home and looked through the pictures I realized just how right she was. So many ridiculously beautiful pictures of this chica. Go ahead, take a look see at some of my favorites:
After I told the girls that yellow was my favorite color they knew to be on the lookout for it. These stripes were a lucky find.
Just to prove how photogenic Briana is: this last shot was completely candid. I think she may have even been talking. Yet it's totally cute.
Thanks again Briana for bringing the cuteness. Sorry I dragged you around forever. Congrats on your upcoming graduation...oh and Happy Birthday!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

pam +clara| family session

Awhile back Clara contacted me to do some pictures with her older sister Pam. I, of course, said yes. Family shoots are some of my favorite to do, because there is just a chemistry there that you don't get in most shoots. These girls did not disappoint. Take a look at some of my faves.

This is Pam. I love her eyes!
This is Clara. She declares she cannot smile without her glasses. =)
Just when you thought it was gone for good, my shoe obsession is back! How can I help it? These two had some of the cutest shoes:
they declared they were good at laughing. they weren't kidding:
Thanks again Pam and Clara for being just the way you are. It was fun!

Monday, April 12, 2010

ben| senior portrait session

Introducing .....Ben: 2010 senior! A few weeks ago we headed out into the morning to shoot his senior pictures. Ben was so easy and go with the flow about the whole picture taking process, even through the muddy field water in his nice shows. He also brought his amazing guitar collection out for some of the pictures so we were able to have some fun with those. Here are some of my favorites:
with guitar #1 in a field that wasn't quite as dry as it may look:
we took a couple of traditional shots with him in his tux. looks quite dapper now doesn't he?
on to the more casual side. I love the colors that we found at the location of the next couple of shots:
the light at this location was wonderful at that time of day. it was a morning shoot which I don't think I've done before but I would defnitely do it again if it means the same kind of light

Ben wanted a couple of shots with his golden retriever. I love these shots of just a boy with his dog. He loves her so...
with guitar #2 the red acoustic:
I can't remember what I asked him to do but apparantly is was laughable:
another appearance of the electric guitar
Here he is with guitar #3. even though this picture is in black and white this guitar is black anyway. doesn't he look a little epic?
Thanks again, Ben, for being such a sport! Congrats on your up coming graduation!