Saturday, April 24, 2010


Whew! I think that wins my longest blog title to date. This fun family shoot took place a couple weeks ago when this family was in town from Ohio. Like I've mentioned before family shoots are some of my fave because of the chemistry that they have. This family was no exception. I would also like to nickname this family the "Family of Ridiculously Beautiful Eyes". Check them out:
Oh I might add that there is another daughter who is missing from the above family photo. She decided not to make the trek down to good ole FL with the fam....her loss...anyway, moving on to....
Dakota: the only boy in this family
See what I mean by beautiful eyes? Apparantly he's already melted the heart of his college aged girlfriend with them.

Letha: the baby girl whose hazel eyes are equally stunning

Jocelyn: seriously workin' it with those piercing blue eyes
the three youngest of the family

Tiffany: the oldest of the family and the mastermind behind this photo shoot. She even dabbles in photography herself. She also holds her own when it comes to being a beautiful eyed family member.
oh one more of this lil guy. Once he got used to the idea he loved having his picture taken and I, of course loved taking it
Now for Mom and Dad:
she just kept laughing and laughing which I loved, 'cause laughing is a top favorite hobby of mine

a kiss that would elicit an "eww gross" from any red-blooded child =)

kisses all around!
Oh and finally: I love having silly face contests during my photo shoots. So funny, even if I never win. Here is Dakota's winning face:
Thanks again Allen, Kay, Tiffany, Jocelyn, Letha, and Dakota. Have fun making the world swoon over your eyes!