Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Baby in a Carriage session| baby maycee-newborn

A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of doing my first newborn session. I was super excited yet also nervous at the same time. But thanks to an adorable baby a completely chill mother and an endless supply of props the session turned out well(minus a small incident...). Here are a few of my favorites:

she was exactly a week old when these were taken so her umbilical cord is still attached:
Maycee's mommy had an endless supply of cute headpieces and hats to use. Loved it!
I love me some baby feetsies!
She woke up a little bit towards the end, but got the cutest smile on her face before going right back to sleep.
there's a story behind this carriage. ask me sometime =)
I love the look on her face as she basks in the sun.
Thanks again Maycee and mommy for a great first experience. You are adorable Maycee-poo!