Monday, April 12, 2010

ben| senior portrait session

Introducing .....Ben: 2010 senior! A few weeks ago we headed out into the morning to shoot his senior pictures. Ben was so easy and go with the flow about the whole picture taking process, even through the muddy field water in his nice shows. He also brought his amazing guitar collection out for some of the pictures so we were able to have some fun with those. Here are some of my favorites:
with guitar #1 in a field that wasn't quite as dry as it may look:
we took a couple of traditional shots with him in his tux. looks quite dapper now doesn't he?
on to the more casual side. I love the colors that we found at the location of the next couple of shots:
the light at this location was wonderful at that time of day. it was a morning shoot which I don't think I've done before but I would defnitely do it again if it means the same kind of light

Ben wanted a couple of shots with his golden retriever. I love these shots of just a boy with his dog. He loves her so...
with guitar #2 the red acoustic:
I can't remember what I asked him to do but apparantly is was laughable:
another appearance of the electric guitar
Here he is with guitar #3. even though this picture is in black and white this guitar is black anyway. doesn't he look a little epic?
Thanks again, Ben, for being such a sport! Congrats on your up coming graduation!