Tuesday, April 20, 2010

briana| senior session

Briana was(I think) my last 2010 senior. It was kinda bitter-sweet, 'cause seniors are among my favorite types of shoots. Towards the end of the shoot, her sister(who came along). Started to go on about how photogenic Briana is. When I got home and looked through the pictures I realized just how right she was. So many ridiculously beautiful pictures of this chica. Go ahead, take a look see at some of my favorites:
After I told the girls that yellow was my favorite color they knew to be on the lookout for it. These stripes were a lucky find.
Just to prove how photogenic Briana is: this last shot was completely candid. I think she may have even been talking. Yet it's totally cute.
Thanks again Briana for bringing the cuteness. Sorry I dragged you around forever. Congrats on your upcoming graduation...oh and Happy Birthday!!