Monday, May 24, 2010

kristin| senior session

So remember when about two senior shoots ago I said it was my last one for 2010? Yeah not so much. Since then I've done about three more seniors(last minute procrastinators *cough cough*). Anyway one of those seniors was the lovely Miss Kristin. I've known Kristin since she was running around the playground with her long flowy ponytail. Now her ponytail is still long and flowy, but she has turned into a beee-autiful young lady. Just take a look:

The day started out at this fake-out beach, that really left alot to be desired. There was trash everywhere, but Kirstin managed to let her beauty shine through. =)

Next stop: the stables. Can I just stop here a minute and ooh and aah about barn light? It's gorgeous, just so you know. I kept saying that over and over to Kristin. I'm sure she was sick of it, by the end of the shoot.

I once read that every girl goes through a horse stage. Kristin declared that she is definitely still in hers. =) Kristin interned at a rescue for injured horses. Here she is with one of them: Buddy. I love how he has his eyes closed in the one where she is kissing him.

As I was going through I kept picking ones that I thought were my absolute favorite...until I saw the next favorite. Here is one of those favorites.

Kristin! Are you kidding me with those eyes!! Beautiful!                                                                              

I told her I think she looks a bit Avril Lavigne-ish sometimes. What do you think?

             Thanks again Kristin for such a fun morning/ afternoon. AND for helping set the record for longest session ever. HAHA! Congratulations on your upcoming graduation: you make me proud chica, you make me proud.                                                                                 

Sunday, May 23, 2010

ryan| senior session

This was by far the most laid back relaxed senior session I've had to date. Ryan was your typical senior guy who really could care less about the photos, but he did it anyway(momma rules the roost). Ryan managed to make me laugh while still being cooperative enough for me to get a few shots in. Here are some of those:
The plaid and stripes together remind of an outfit I would have put together as a child...or now...ha!
Congratulations on your recent graduation Ryan. And just let me know if you want to trade that mustang for my AMAZZING car! ha!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Katie and Kylie| Children's Photography

Meet Katie and Kylie: two adorable girls I had the privilege to photograph a few weeks ago. We spent a lovely afternoon in the park capturing the true personalities of these girls. And, trust me, they were FULL of personality. =)
They seemed to love each other so dearly. It was so cute!
Miss Katie: I loved it when she just relaxed and shot me one of these genuine smiles.
Miss Kylie: demonstrating how a princess should curtsy.
are you kidding me with those baby blues, Kylie?
Katie's workin' it out. Can we say future model? =)
I asked them if they were sick of taking pictures and Katie answers "No, it makes me feel famous, or something." Well after that we had to have a cool famou person shot:
And then it was time to get down right silly. I had these glasses on and Katie told me I looked like Steve Urkel. (lol) So then I had them do their best impersonations of him:
Just another bit of sweetness to end this blog entry:
Thansk again Katie and Kylie. Goodness, you're cute! You make my job a kajillion times easier.