Saturday, May 1, 2010

Katie and Kylie| Children's Photography

Meet Katie and Kylie: two adorable girls I had the privilege to photograph a few weeks ago. We spent a lovely afternoon in the park capturing the true personalities of these girls. And, trust me, they were FULL of personality. =)
They seemed to love each other so dearly. It was so cute!
Miss Katie: I loved it when she just relaxed and shot me one of these genuine smiles.
Miss Kylie: demonstrating how a princess should curtsy.
are you kidding me with those baby blues, Kylie?
Katie's workin' it out. Can we say future model? =)
I asked them if they were sick of taking pictures and Katie answers "No, it makes me feel famous, or something." Well after that we had to have a cool famou person shot:
And then it was time to get down right silly. I had these glasses on and Katie told me I looked like Steve Urkel. (lol) So then I had them do their best impersonations of him:
Just another bit of sweetness to end this blog entry:
Thansk again Katie and Kylie. Goodness, you're cute! You make my job a kajillion times easier.