Monday, May 24, 2010

kristin| senior session

So remember when about two senior shoots ago I said it was my last one for 2010? Yeah not so much. Since then I've done about three more seniors(last minute procrastinators *cough cough*). Anyway one of those seniors was the lovely Miss Kristin. I've known Kristin since she was running around the playground with her long flowy ponytail. Now her ponytail is still long and flowy, but she has turned into a beee-autiful young lady. Just take a look:

The day started out at this fake-out beach, that really left alot to be desired. There was trash everywhere, but Kirstin managed to let her beauty shine through. =)

Next stop: the stables. Can I just stop here a minute and ooh and aah about barn light? It's gorgeous, just so you know. I kept saying that over and over to Kristin. I'm sure she was sick of it, by the end of the shoot.

I once read that every girl goes through a horse stage. Kristin declared that she is definitely still in hers. =) Kristin interned at a rescue for injured horses. Here she is with one of them: Buddy. I love how he has his eyes closed in the one where she is kissing him.

As I was going through I kept picking ones that I thought were my absolute favorite...until I saw the next favorite. Here is one of those favorites.

Kristin! Are you kidding me with those eyes!! Beautiful!                                                                              

I told her I think she looks a bit Avril Lavigne-ish sometimes. What do you think?

             Thanks again Kristin for such a fun morning/ afternoon. AND for helping set the record for longest session ever. HAHA! Congratulations on your upcoming graduation: you make me proud chica, you make me proud.                                                                                 


  1. Great session! Thank you for sharing! She is beautiful... what can I say? She gets it from me. Haha! No, but for real... wonderful photos. I, too, love how the horse tends to close his eyes when she snuggles with him.

  2. Thanks friend! Here's a bit of trivia for ya: they say the reason some couples tend to look alike after awhile is because they are so used to mirroring each other's expressions that their facial muscles develop that way.Maybe the same is true for sister-in laws AND she DOES get her looks from you?? HAHA. She DID attempt the Brittany smolder though.

  3. Thank you so much, Erica! You are amazing! :) it was so much fun doing the session. Thanks for putting up with my failed attempts at serious faces and the extremely long session!! :D