Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Elizabeth| Anytime Session

Meet Miss Elisabeth. She is a church friend of of mine that contacted me about getting some pictures done. And who am I to say no to a photo shoot. So we met up and wandered around a small part of City Place to get some shots of her beauty:
Can we talk about how much I love this yellow-ish. I've passed it for months and thought to myself "I would really love to take some photos by that wall" well photo shoot with Liz provided me with the perfect opportunity.
one of Elisabeth's good friends, Sam, tagged along for the shoot, so I grabbed a couple of shots of her too:
Then we went to the outskirts of City Place down to the tracks:
Elizabeth, the brave girl, was even willing to lay on the tracks to get some shots.
we ended the session with a few more "friend" pictures of Sam and Liz:
Thanks again, girls, for a fun, even if blazing hot, afternoon. As I've said your face+my camera= a good team!