Monday, July 26, 2010

Poling Family| Portraits

Meet the Poling Family:

I love photographing this family because they are such laid back "go ahead use your imagination" types. So though it was, what felt like, the hottest afternoon of the summer we headed out for our shoot.

I went to all new locations on this photo shoot and I we were lucky enough to discover this yellow door....and we all know yellow is my favorite!

We also found this open field, which aren't that common in this part of Florida. Nevertheless I love me a good field, don't you?

Miss Seattle is growing up into such an adorable little lady. You may remember her from here oh and here also...well technically.

Miss Seattle is also going to be a big sister soon. We took this opportunity to grab some maternity shots of mom.

Made in the USA...get it?...I don't mean to insult your intelligence but I didn't get it at first...

Seattle is Miss Independent these days...

all she wanted to do was play in the dirt

you know me and my shoe/foot shots....
funny story about this picture: two seconds before she landed on her dads shoulders she was crying...the minute she got up there she burst out laughing! she loved it up there!
Thanks again Poling fam for braving the heat and letting snap you up. You guys are awesome!