Thursday, February 24, 2011


hold your onto your britches for some of the cutest children and bluest eyes you've ever seen:

the minute I whipped out my camera aaliyah snapped into modely cuteness mode

this photo session took place during amani's nap time so she was completely unphased by most attempts to get her to smile, BUT occasionally during an extremely valiant effort a little sweet smile would poke through

this just makes me smile

as you've probably already noticed, we found one of the most colorful areas in town for pictures. I was in love love love =)

a bit of personality peeking through =)

you can definitely tell where the girls get their looks AND stunning eyes from:

i just love this one, i just do

sha-love! you guys are the adorableness my parents forgot to tell me about!

 thank you el mucho for asking me to capture your adorable little fam. you make me smile...alot. -> =D