Sunday, March 6, 2011

Jennifer| 2011 Senior

meet Jennifer. well I guess I should say meet her again, because the girl is no newbie to this blog(oldies but goodies can be seen herehere, and most recently here). Not only is she no stanger to the blog, but also a good and old-time friend of mine. Back in the day(we're talkin' middle school here) we were band geeks together and I would go on to people about how beautiful I thought she was and they would give me the yeah-yeah whatever response. well Jennifer has blossomed into the beautiful girl I always declared her to be and here's proof: eat your heart out nay-sayers!

those yellow shoes? yeah I kinda need them

one thing about Jennifer is, she's always up for anything...including my unusual location choices...oh and she rocks them too!

this is a fave. she just looks straight up posh and gorge.

we stumbled upon this yard with random stacks of furniture, and of course it made the perfect setting for a few snaps


oh and I should mention that I just adore Jennifer's shirt. ruffles=love!

sha-lovely! she's going to make one stunner of a bride, yes?
dear jennifer: I'm proud of you as you reach this milestone in your life. I'm so glad to have been a part of your journey. Best wishes as you continue on your way. Congratulations!