Thursday, April 21, 2011

hayley|2011 senior

If I had to describe Hayley in a word, I'd have to go with adorable. I had such a great time traipsing around Stuart  with her capturing her senior pictures. And talk about willing to do anything? The girl was a regular trooper. She up for anything I suggested. So without further ado, peeps: meet Hayley**

so when I say Hayley was up for anything I mean like going barefoot on this rather sketchy looking ground

Hayley and I talked about how the railroad picture fad has kinda gone out. well we decided to bring it back. booyah!

I know I must sound like a broken record talking about peoples eyes, but seriously my clients have theee most stunning peepers.

Hayley is the sweetest girl you will ever meet. Seriously, no lies. But she kinda looks a little intimidating in this picture....and I kinda love it alot.

to end the day we decided to catch the sunrise over the inter-coastal. Hayley Sue rocked it out in the water 

Thanks again Hayley. I had such fun photographing. I pray the very best for you as you take the next big steps in your life!

****due to some technical difficulties, some of the pictures I really wanted to feature here couldn't be. so be sure to check out the fanpage on facebook for more glimpses of Hayley's beauty****

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