Monday, April 18, 2011

jeremy| 2011

Kids, I am in serious catch up mode. Confession, the photos you are about to see may or may not have been taken back in February... anyway, let's ignore my overwhelming slackability(not a word, kids) and move on to the subject at hand: Jeremy.

In preparation for his move to South Africa*, my good friend Jeremy expressed that he needed photos for  prayer cards and such. As one who always loves to shoot my pals I was more than willing to oblige. We took some classic shoots and some "jeremy" shots.

The day was one of those overcast rainy, gloomy days, which are supposed to be a photographer's dream(I, myself, prefer bright sunshine). If you know Jeremy at all you know they day couldn't have been more perfect for him.

proof that I occasionally crack a giggle worthy joke.(gotta document these rare occurrences, ya know)

there's something about this one that I love. I'll go out on a limb and say that it's one of my faves

I'd been eying those boats back there forever, thinking they'd be fun to incorporate into a shoot sometime. Well the day finally arrived.

suspenders are an integral part of Jeremy's wardrobe. he's always on the hunt for the perfect pair

This one makes me laugh, though I'm not sure what chain of events brought this on. Surely he wasn't tired of taking pictures...surely....

see: he LOVED photo time =D

and we'll end with what I like to call an epic shot

Thanks again, Jeremy, for allowing me to capture you as you are at this point in your life journey. You are surely missed over here on American soil.

*in between the time that these were taken and this blog was posted, Jeremy made his move across the ocean   to South Africa to teach. You can follow his journey here.

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  1. I absolutely loved every single one of these pictures! When he showed them to me (back in February *ahem.. sorry got something in my throat!) I could not pick one that was my favorite. He so rather is the subject of the photo and he is such a handsome subject! You caught his personality and charm perfectly!