Thursday, May 26, 2011

danielle+sean+evan+isabella| family

"They're cutsie and they're kooky,
You're sure to say 'oh-oooky!'
 So go on take a looky,
The Adams Family."**

danielle+sean+evan+isabella(aka bella)

evan calls his momma "honey". it's the cutest thing you ever did hear

I couldn't decide which one I liked best out of these next two, so ya get them both!

bella is

danielle really wanted to capture bella's beautiful blue eyes before any possible changing happens. 
you can see why:

I just love this one!

these pictures where taken close to bella's nap time. she finally gave up the fight to stay awake. but lucky for her, she's as adorable when she's sleeping

and then evan: he's pretty cute too =)

evan is normally a very serious lil boy, so I love to see him smile

this is my fave of evan. he's such a little man 

and I'll end with this completely candid photo of sean and evan. I love it! (father's day gift???)

**(1)I am in now way comparing this adorbs family to the spooky Addams family.(2) Penning lyrics isn't among my talents, huh?

Sunday, May 22, 2011


sometimes I miss the good ole days of grabbing the nearest friends and going out and shooting for fun. when my friend Keisha said she wanted to tag along and shoot some on a photo shoot with me, I thought it we be the perfect opportunity to grab a willing and able "model" and go out for a shoot. enter Valerie. a few months ago I lost my camera at church and Valerie helped me search high and low for it until she found it. I told her we could do a photo shoot as my thank you to her. so it all worked out for her to be our "model" for the day. and what a beautiful model she is:

Valerie told me she never had senior pictures taken in high school, so we took care of that with some

I have dubbed Valerie my giggle buddy. she loves to laugh as much as I do, and often we are the only ones laughing in a group. misery loves company, eh?

and THEN she pulled out the stuff. love these next two

though I most of the time I like to shoot in the shade, I had to use the beautiful blue sky just a bit

 like I said: beautiful sky!

I think Valerie has theee prettiest hair. I love it in action here

Thanks again "Valerie Calorie" for working it out and being our model. You are lovely both inside and out, k? 

 Here is Keisha with Valerie and I. We are all shorties(we're all under 5') so I have dubbed us the 
Ity Bitty Committee =)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

michelle+daniel|happily ever after

They thought they were just friends, really. They had some much in common and just enjoyed time together. But then things changed: they went from being just friends to being friendlier. Three wonderful years of marriage later and their friendship is stronger than ever. Meet Michelle and Daniel:

Michelle and Daniel are also photographers so no need for posing 101 for these two =)

we spent the majority of our session exploring the popular strip in Dowtown Stuart
this is a fave =)

seriously, these two kids are so cute!

we saw this antique car drive by and wistfully mentioned how cool it would be to get a picture by it. when it drove by again, Michelle bravely flagged the driver down and asked if we could. His answer? "quickly!" so click click click and quickly we did. another fave:

and then we found the cutest house on planet earth and after Michelle and died a few times over its cuteness we captured it up.* 

a little "dancing in the streets"

another fave

to end the day we skipped down to the beach 

they're so sweet =)

we ended the lovely day with an equally lovely sunset
 Thanks again Daniel and Michelle! Here's wishing you many more years of wedded bliss!

*note:pictures do not do its cuteness justice