Tuesday, May 17, 2011

brooke+thad| engaged

we started our engagement session on the beach at Juno Beach

this is a fave

thad and brooke are such a fun-loving couple. I don't know if I've ever  laughed so hard on a shoot

hand painted by Brooke's father =)

a little outfit change and hello flare!

Thad bit the bullet and actually wore purple for Brooke. I think he deserves this picture =)

see: they can be serious....

...but not for long!

so I kinda collect large lollipops(I really need to get new hobbies) I decided to bring some along on this shoot as was delighted to find that Thad and Brooke loved them as much as I do (well maybe not AS much)

and we'll end with my numero uno fave. I was so happy when they agreed to lay on the ground, you have no idea!

 thanks again Thad and Brooke! Can't wait for your wedding in August!
be on the lookout for a few more peeks over on the facebook page!