Sunday, July 17, 2011

courtney+michael|wedded bliss

They met as kids. Well teenagers really, but still kids in the eyes of their parents. To them, age didn't matter, and it wasn't long before they had the "look" in their eyes. Two different pairs of eyes telling each other and the rest of the world the same story: "I want to marry you."Just a little over five years later, in front of family, friends, and loved ones, Courtney and Michael made that dream come true, pledging themselves to one another forever.

Courtney and Michael: I adore you two. So forgive me in advance for going overboard in posting photos from you big day. 

Courtney is quite animated(which I love) I had so much fun capturing the different expressions of her pre-wedding giddiness

le shoes: Courtney couldn't find shoes in the color she wanted so she bought a pair and had them dyed and added some extra pizzazz with the flowers. so fun!

I loved her reaction to seeing herself fully brided up!

again, a great bunch of bridesmaids, the majority of which are the Courtney's sisters and cousins

recognize that third bridesmaid from the left? you may have seen her here or here before. She's a professional bridesmaid, but most importantly a great a cherished friend to many =)

Courtney is a talented photographer herself, so when it came time to work it out for the camera, she knew exactly what to do

you're straight up gorg, Courtney!

and Michael....looking quite handsome in his tux

Michael reminds me of another Michael...the Vartan one. Do you see it?

Michael and Courtney chose to have a "first look". I posted a lil extra of these photos because I just look first looks. Some of the truest emotions you will see from the bride and groom the entire day come out during this special time.

 groomal time(bride and groom formals) the name of  love ('cause I'm cheesy like that)

whenever Courtney gets super excited about something she gives this little scream/shout....I'm pretty sure I made a similar noise when I uploaded this picture. I just love...a definite personal fave

ceremony time. such an emotional bridal march. I love how both of Courtney's parents are fighting back tears and she is just smiling 'cause she's got her eye on her groom. =)

Courtney sang "Unforgettable" as a surprise to Michael. It was so cute!

their reception which took place at Courtney's parents' home was beautifully decorated by her mom, Kim and Leonard Nafziger of Elegant Atmospheres. As Courtney described it, it was "elegantly happy".

see that monogrammed backdrop below? Leonard MADE that! You should have seen Courtney and her mom's reaction when they saw it for the first time.

Courtney designed all of the programs and signs herself. So cute!

blue slushies were served to all the guests

to closeout the reception Courtney and Michael had a cornhole competition against each other

she won =)

...but he wasn't a sore loser =)

after the reception we took a few more "groomals" around  Courtney's parents' property

Courtney and Michael: I was so honored to be a part of your "elegantly happy" big day and I'm honored to call you friends.  I am so happy for you crazy kids, like you don't even know!