Friday, July 15, 2011

hey kids, 
it's been awhile, huh? These past few weeks have been toughies. At the risk of sounding like an excuse-making whiny baby I'll give you a brief low-down. Since May I have: moved; started a new job; suffered the results of a month with a computer due to being broken; welcomed a new little nephew into the world; been to Ohio 3 times, Alabama once and Washington state once; spent 18 hrs stuck in an airport alone; and dealt with other stressors both minor and major. So to say the very least, I'm quite behind, oh so very behind. And now I am desperately playing catch-up. So bear with me, kiddos. An overload of blogposts will be coming your way, quite soon.

Here's a few peeks at what is coming to the blog in the next few weeks:
Weddings weddings and more weddings...
a few family sessions(some a bit older that never got blogged, and a few newer bits as well)
and this lovely 2011 senior who is probably knee-deep in planning for college by now(hey better late than never right....right?)
So I've poured out all that from my little heart to say thank you. Thank you for being so incredibly patient and forgiving, some of you especially so(you know who you are). I felt like I've never apologized and said thank you so much in my life as I have these past few weeks. But you've been understanding and gracious. So again I say thank YOU!

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