Friday, July 15, 2011

joyce+matt|wedded bliss

It was hot. Probably the hottest day in Alabama since 1986(<---totally made up statistic). But heat couldn't put a damper on the excitement in the air as the bride and groom and company bustled around the church to prepare for a wedding. 
Matt and Joyce pledged their love to each other in a beautiful brick church, surrounded by family and friends. Their ceremony, as well as the day itself, was filled with laughter and love and all that juicy stuff wedding days are made of. Matt and Joyce: all your hard work paid off. You and your day were beautiful!

Joyce's laughter is contagious

so, I went a little ballistic posting bridals, but seriously Joyce is just straight up stunning

and Matt? well he didn't look too shabby himself...not too shabby at all

these bridesmaids were so much fun!

funny story about this next one. I told the girls to gaze into the distance as if the hottest man they'd ever seen was trotting by. Well right then a man did go trotting by....but he kinda left a lot to be desired in the looks and physique department. we got a kick out of the irony of all.

a lil nod to the Cathy Comics =D

the much more reserved groomsmen

bam! ceremony time.
something was funny, I cannot remember, but I love when people giggle, hands down

reception time, kids!

such lovely details. I'd never seen this color combo before, but it looked great!
things were going quite nicely at the reception when suddenly the bride was swooped up and "stolen" by some nefarious groomsmen.

matt had to beg, borrow, or steal enough cash to win back his true love....very fairy tale-esque =D

the money was raised and the groomsmen released the bride and the festivities resumed

after the reception we ran out to capture a few bride and groomie pics before the sun disappeared completely

the bridal party had a heyday decorating Matt's truck

they were such sports about their vandalized getaway ride....i think it was because they had dabbled in a little vehicle "decorating" a time or two themselves...

Thanks again Joyce and Matt for letting me come up to Alabama to be a part of your special day!

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