Thursday, July 7, 2011

Praying for Jack

This is Jack. 
A little over a week ago, this dear little boy was involved in a serious accident. Little Jack(4) was severely injured when a very heavy piece of furniture fell on him causing head injuries. At serious risk of dying, he was airlifted to a children's hospital.
After just a few days and not a few prayers, Jack started to show miraculous recovery, doing so much as talking and walking. Doctors even remarked how "lucky" he was and how they had never seen a child with that severe of an injury survive.
 But just yesterday Jack started coding and had to undergo emergency brain surgery due to bleeding in his brain! They found a blood the size of three fists! Jack's surgeon says the only thing to do now is pray.
So I'm writing this blogpost in hopes that you readers and visitors will do just that: pray. Pray for healing, pray for strength, but most of all please pray that God's will will be done.
 If you would like to follow Jack's journey, you can join the facebook support group created for him here. 
 PS-I apologize if any of the facts I wrote here are portrayed incorrectly. This is just what I've pieced together from facebook updates.
PPS-regular blogging will hopefully resume soon. These past few weeks have been a whirlwind(more on that later). Hang tight kiddos!


  1. Beautiful pictures Erica! I'm linking this to my blog.

  2. As always, beautiful work, Erica! My daughter, Lorna just raves about you. Thank you for taking the time to do this post!

  3. Beautiful, Erica! I'm linking this to my blog as well. Thank you!!

  4. This is absolutely precious. Such a sweet boy. Praying for Gods will in his life! -Dana