Monday, August 8, 2011

amanda+chris|Wedded Bliss

It was your classic scenario of "hey, we have an extra concert ticket, wanna come?" When Chris agreed to an evening of Natalie Grant in concert he never bargained for anything more. But as bargains sometimes go, he ended up getting more than he ever anticipated: Amanda. Somewhere between "Held" and "In Better Hands" the pair found "Something Beautiful": love.
Just a few years after that night the two pledged their lives to each other on a a rainy Ohio day. Their special day was filled with sentiment, laughter, and love. Chris and Amanda: I absolutely loved being a part of your day! Thanks for allowing this Florida girl in on the celebration!

 So here's a story: I was supposed to arrive in town the evening before Amanda and Chris' wedding. As I was jetting from work to the airport, the airline called to inform me that my flight had CANCELED. After I was done having my mini heart attack I continued to listen as they informed of a rescheduled flight for the next morning. This flight would have me arriving about 45min before wedding day photography was to begin. So I called Amanda and informed her of the updated plans. Her response: "ok, fine, thanks for letting me know." Yep, totally cool as a cucumber, that was Amanda. 
AND THEN, after being rescheduled my new flight was DELAYED pushing my arrival time even further back.  By this time I would arrive in Cincinnati at the same time I was scheduled to begin wedding coverage. I gave Amanda the new update and she was STILL as cool and as calm as could be. Basically I landed, grabbed a car(aka rented), and sped my lil self to meet her. And when I arrived? Still as calm as ever. Amanda: you're a rockstar, k?!!
Oh and did I mention lovely? Cause you're that too!

I absolutely loved the ruffled detailing on both her dress and shoes!

Amanda's parents are so sweet! And though you can't tell from the black and white picture, her dad even wore pink! Now that's a REAL man ;D

I had never seen or met Chris prior to the wedding day so I asked Amanda to describe him. Her words: "tall, dark and handsome...the girl tells no lies
Chris and Amanda opted for a first look at the Cincinnati Creation Museum and Gardens
I loved Chris's reaction to seeing Amanda(future grooms: take note and practice in the mirror =D)

we stuck around the museum for a while to grab some portraits


umm can you be any cuter?

 Amanda's one request was to get a picture on this bridge.  I can see why. It was rather perfect, really.

 when we arrived at the church Amanda asked if we could take some photos in the ladies restroom. I was smidge confused until I saw and then I understood and kinda fainted all in one breath.

they were married at the Towne Worship Center and the sanctuary was just as lovely as its bathrooms.

married! love this one!

reception time!

these cupcakes were served to guests in lieu of cake. each one was a different flavor, but equally delicious(i may or may not have sampled all of them...)

his and hers energy drinks.  makes me smile

bouquet toss time!

Amanda is a teacher and all those girls straining to catch the bouquet? yep, those are mainly her students

i happened to look over at a random moment a found Chris and Amanda doing this. simple but sweet

I loved watching Amanda and Chris with her students.

the two said their farewells...

....and climbed into THIS pride and joy!

Congratulations once again, you two! I hope you had a blast on your Hawaii honeymoon!!