Thursday, September 8, 2011

brooke+thad| wedding

Out of nowhere he was just always around: chatting with her friends, hanging with her family, and making his way into her circle.  After awhile Brooke began to wonder "why are you here?" a whole lot less and began to wonder "why AREN'T you here?" a whole lot more. And the rest is, as the say, history.
Brooke and Thad tied the knot in Tuscaloosa, Alabama on a warm August day. In spite of the faint remnants of devastation from the tornado in the surrounding town, their day was filled with all the beauty and laughter that love is known to possess.
Brooke and Thad: thanks a million for who you are: to me, to others, and most of all to each other. I knew when I photographed your engagement pictures that I would love being a part of your big day as well, and I did! Best wishes as you settle into your new life in Indiana: together.

getting Brooke into her wedding dress was definitely a team effort. all hands on deck!

Brooke and Thad opted for a first look, which I adored. When a bride and groom choose to have a special first look time it relieves a huge amount of stress from the rest of the day and allows for plenty of relaxation...and PICTURES =)

this is why I love these two: not only do they make each other laugh, but everyone around them as well. they're kinda contagious(in a good way of course)


I loved the bright summery green Brooke chose for her bridal party!

Brooke: you made such a stunning bride...seriously!

and Thad: you clean up quite nicely =D

ceremony time!

it's not that common anymore, but I love when a bride wears her veil OVER her face and there is this lovely moment of anticipation before the kiss


I arrived in Alabama the day before the wedding and saw the reception site before it was decorated. When I saw it again the next it had been transformed into straight up loveliness! 

the bride's sister gave a great little speech: I laughed , I cried, I snapped

I love when brides have little personal touches here and there Brooke was the definition of a DIY bride. She made this cute little "just married" sign herself. Adorbs right?

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