Monday, September 5, 2011

megan+phillip|wedded bliss

From where he stood in the choir, he had the perfect view: a petite brunette named Megan. Phillip watched her from afar and liked what he saw. Soon Megan realized that he was always around. He made a specific point to become a part of her life. It was no surprise that the two soon began dating and shortly after engaged.
Their summer wedding took place in a beautiful old church in Bloomington, Indiana. The day was a beautiful result of Megan's careful planning and attention to detail.
Megan and Phillip: you kids are the cat's meow, the bee's knees, the....well you get the point. Phillip I love how you just adore her and Megan I love how you giggle at his jokes. Thank you for letting me be the one to capture these memories.

The day started off at the salon.

I love these of Megan attempting to get in her dress. Not an easy task.

Megan and her mom have the sweetest relationship. It was such fun to watch them interact.

and....badaboom badabing: Gorgeous-ness

these bridesmaids were "" they made me laugh till my belly ached

seriously, Megan? gah! you're so lovely!

umm, adorbs!


men in tuxes: it's a job perk, really

mere seconds before their kiss...

husband and wife! woot!

reception time!

the guests got a big kick out of clinking their glasses. megan and phillip didn't mind....

I love how he's stealing a glance at her during prayer. so cute!

this kid was priceless!