Tuesday, October 11, 2011

rachel+phillip|wedded bliss

They were set up. Both Phillip and and Rachel were given those classic "I've found someone you need to meet" speeches. But he lived was in Florida and she was a Pennsylvania girl. It wasn't until Rachel came down from Pennsylvania to Florida to visit a friend that the  two actually met and the ball finally started rolling. Rachel discovered that Phillip was quite the gentleman. In the words of Philip "I'd already looked her up on Facebook, so I already knew she was a babe". But as he discovered, just was as sweet and beautiful of a person as she was online. A few months after her visit to Florida, Rachel made the big move from the fields of Pennsylvania to the sandy beaches of Florida....and a whole lot closer to Phillip. And the rest, as the kids say, is history.
Rachel and Phillip, you kids are the sweetest, kindest couple around. I'm so glad you two found one another. I loved being a part of your day, and there to capture the smiles you wore the entire day, in spite of everything. Your day was beautiful up and down, inside and out....just like you guys.

when Rachel wasn't laughing, she still wore a sweet infectious smile the whole day

the two opted for a First Look to allow plenty of time for pictures on their big day. Their first look took place inside the sanctuary where they were married to make the moment as special as possible.

before they ended their  alone time, they shared a special prayer for their day and their lives together. i loved that! so sweet!
Rachel originally wanted to have her wedding in a sunflower field. When those plans fell through, her wedding decorator extraordinaire, Elisa Stetler(hire her SoFlo-ers!) made sure there were plenty of sunflowers incorporated into the into decor scheme!

these wedding colors were the epitome of sunshine on a rather sunshine-less day

these kids are so cute, I can barely handle them!

when I was scouting around for good picture spots, I discovered these buses by the church. imagine my delight when Phillip and Rachel agreed to climb inside for a few photos! =D



Phillip sang to Rachel. So sweet =D

So if you've been following the blog awhile, or happen to read my tweets, then you know that I've had  quite a streak of rainy wedding days. This wedding was no exception. Right after we finished bride and groom formal pictures, the rain came down...all over the already set-up, outdoor reception! But finally it stopped, and thanks to the hard work of many hands, the reception went on as planned. =D

I loved all of the rustic details.

This cake was made by the groom's aunt. Those beautiful sunflowers? Yeah those were handmade AND edible!
 cake feeding time always seems to take a turn for the vicious =D

 I love Rachel's bouquet tossing face.=D

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