Sunday, November 13, 2011


Internet: Meet beth and brian. Though these kids  are not strangers to this blog(see them again here). This is the first time they are making an appearance as Mr. and Mrs.(of 1 year, in fact). When Beth contacted me to get some 1 year anniversary/ Christmas pictures done, I jumped at the opportunity. But the SoFlo(south florida) and her rebellious rainy day ways prevented us from getting this shoot accomplished. Finally Beth said "let's git er done, rain or no rain(<< totally paraphrased) ". So "git er done" we did. And can I just say they pretty much rocked the rain.

Right about the time we reached this point in the shoot, Brian got a text saying there was tornado watch in our area, but we just kept right on truckin'....or clickin', rather

this is classic Brian: always making Beth(and everyone else laugh)

Beth: you're a stunner. the end.

when we arrived at this location, Beth remarked that these palm trees might make a cool photo. So I snapped, and captured one of my personal faves of the day. Good eye, Beth, good eye. =D
thanks again Beth and Brian for braving the storm and bringing the really really ridiculously good looking looks!

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