Friday, November 25, 2011


He thought she was out of his league. Afterall, when he'd started working on the media team at church with er her, she'd barely spoken to him. As far as Elisabeth was concerned, the new guy had the one thing she had been waiting forever for: a media team t-shirt. Konrad had settled rather quickly to his new role, and clearly he was out of her league. One facebook friend request(he requested her) and a jaunt to Disney World later, the two realized they were a lot more on the same playing field than they thought.
Elisabeth and Konrad were married on the epic 11.11.11, a day nicknamed "wish day". As the music began, sounding Elisabeth's journey down the aisle to where he waited, Konrad swallowed back tears of joy as she beamed brightly back at him.  It's been said that wishes are really the "unspoken prayers of the heart". The unspoken prayers of two hearts were answered that day: two people became something they could not be on their own:complete.

Elisabeth and Konrad were married at Christ Fellowship, Palm Beach Gardens south campus

when I was searching for the guys, I stumbled upon them like this. I love that Konrad's groomsmen took time to pray over him on his wedding day.


Elisabeth(and Konrad) are huge Disney fans. There were little nods to that throughout their wedding...including Elisabeth's earrings:

Elisabeth's bridesmaids prayed over her, as well

Mr. and Mrs!

Elisabeth and Konrad's ceremony took place right at sunset, so we went out into the night to grab a few shots of them.

the reception fare was made up of a smorgasbord of homemade goodies. yum!

Congratulations again, you crazy kids! I hope you had wonderful time on your cruise!