Saturday, November 19, 2011


 This past year I had the pleasure of meeting two lovely au pairs at church. One from South Africa, the other from England.  These girls quickly one me over with their fun loving ways and mutual respect for all things baked goods. When Leoni's time in America was dwindling down to end, we decided to do a fun little photo shoot so those who she was leaving behind wouldn't forget her lovely face.

Leoni: you're a stunner, k?

These last few are amongst my faves. We had called it quits and then Leoni started prancing around in this perfect light

 Our lovely British friend Laura Jane, joined us for the afternoon, so though she's not leaving us until the spring, how could I resist snapping her up too?

Does Laura look familiar? She is often told she looks like and has been mistaken for the actress who plays Lucy in The Chronicles of Narnia

sheesh, you're beautiful! enough already!

Thanks again girls for such a fun afternoon. I haven't laughed that hard on a shoot in a very long time. It's a good thing we're friends or I'd have to be jealous of your ridiculous beauty!

PS: this is just one reason why I love this girls-always dabbling in shenanigans after my own heart.