Saturday, December 24, 2011

julie+jon|wedded bliss

Dear Blogettes: meet the wedding of high school sweethearts Julie and Jon...

meanwhile in a bridal room nearby...

 the children in Julie's wedding were ones that she takes care of. you could tell she loves them bunches

i love when a bride(or any girl for that matter) can go from stunning dot com.... adorable dot com in 2.5 secs flat

 they're fierce. that is all.

 "jest git me to the church on time" 

 reception time!

 such such cute details from this reception all put together in a wonderful display by Julie's decoration coordinator Elisa Calderon

this adorable photo booth was Julie's favorite aspect of the reception

while I love this picture, check out the face of the guy behind them for a lil chuckle-fest

after the reception we ran outside to grab a few more shots before the sun disappeared entirely

 Congratulations again, you crazy kids! Thank you for letting me be a part of your big day and thank you for being you!

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