Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Second Shooting| Part 2

In continuation with yesterday's post, here are a few more weddings that I shot for other photographers. This one was shot for Churchill's Photography also. The Churchill's welcomed their sweet baby Eva into their life a month earlier than they anticipated. So when they asked me to cover their previously scheduled wedding for them, I was more than happy to. Together with Jillian of Jillian Tree Photography we captured  the big day of Amy and Joe.

a quick note: if you want to have beach pictures done, take the risk of rain and aim for a cloudy day!

 Surprise: Double wedding post! For this wedding, I jetted up to North Carolina to second shoot this beautiful  fall wedding with Wes of Wesley Stewart Photography. Taylor and Ethan got married at this gorgeous mansion: the kind you can't find in good ole Florida.

 I always love father-daughter dances and love how Taylor's father tried so hard not to cry.

Stay tuned for one more "second shooting" post