Wednesday, February 1, 2012

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Hi friends! While I am super excited to share photos with you today, I must premise them with a bit of background info.  A few months ago I stumbled upon a film camera at a thrift shop and was absolutely thrilled when I realized it still worked. That's when my dabbling in film began. When I asked fellow photographer Michelle if she would model for me on a film adventure she graciously agreed.  Two seconds into the shoot I ran out of film and realized that I had absolutely no more with me(fail!). But my digital camera was along for the ride and we set out to have a shoot, so have a shoot we did. So the first few pictures below are the only film ones from that day.

I'm lovin' the natural grain and vibrant color that film produces.

This is the last film one. Film photography is definitely a (hard) work in progress, but I think I'll give it another shot(no pun intended). So be on the lookout for more film adventures  here on the blog.
The picture above and below were taken moments apart, one with film, the other digital.

Michelle is a super talented photographer, so she definitely knows how to work it out for the camera.

Michelle and I bonded over our mutual love for tall grasses and fields that day.

Michelle: you're the perfect combo of way cute and way stunning. Thanks for bring the loveliness to my lenses. And for going with the flow, when the flow wasn't really going. You're rad.True story.

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