Sunday, April 22, 2012


This is Krystal and Micah: aka "the people who know how to work it out in 20minutes or less."
 The evening of Krystal and Micah's session was perfect...except for the northbound traffic on I-95 that night. Krystal and Micah sat in bumper to bumper traffic, inching about a mile every 45 minutes while I sat watching the creamy dreamy golden hour light fade away. By 7pm, it was time to make a plan, the sun was going to set a 7:45 afterall. I hoped in my car and broke all speeding limits heading south, while they slowly inched their way off of the interstate. At 7:32 exactly we began our photo shoot.  
 Krystal and Micah brought the hot tamale sauce, and I snapped like a crazy woman, and somehow we managed to squeeze in a mini session....
 ....oh and that's WITH an oufit change. Krystal is not only super pretty, but also super smart and is graduating from pharmacy school in a few weeks. So we also grabbed some senior pictures as well

Krystal and Micah are going on 5 years of sweet wedded bliss.

They are planning on renewing their vows in Hawaii this summer. How cool is that?

by this time the sun had most definitely set and we were working off of whatever glimmers of light we could find. These images are soft and imperfect technically speaking, BUT I love them. =)

Krystal and Micah: I adore you two! I can't wait for to capture you guys in the 2nd half of your session. 
It's gonna be epic! 

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