Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Nicole+Christian|Fun With Film|South Florida Engagement Photographer

Every once in awhile, I love venturing on different photography adventures to experiment and stretch myself. Enter shooting with a film camera. With a single 24 exposure roll of film and camera without a screen, I am presented with 24 chances to create...something...anything. There is something about looking through a film camera and knowing you won't have that instant gratification, that makes me shoot with more thought and intention. So while the images I create on film aren't necessarily earth-shattering or even among my best work, I love what they are helping me to become.

Below are some images from a recent film play session. Some of the images are from a roll of kodak and a little old film camera and some are digital. Nicole and Christian are getting married in a month and they kindly obliged to be my subjects. Thanks for being patient with my experiments and for putting up with my shenanigans and for being the cutest models a girl could ask for.

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